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Elena Petelko

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Custom Web Application Development: Technologies, Process, Best Practices, Lifecycle | Existek Blog


Custom web app development has never been so easy as it is at present. Web developers have a wide set of tools and standardized frameworks at their disposal. Yet, it still has a lot of nuances and in this article, we'll give you a summary of available technologies, SDLC models, approaches, and best practices.

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Top Front-End Frameworks in 2020 | Existek Blog


Taking into consideration the standpoint of the software development life cycle, the right choice among top front-end frameworks will be the fundamental step of your future success. The market has a wide diversity due to the vast set of challenges that developers solve every day. Thus the number of front-end development frameworks considerably increases. More and more different frameworks appear, and in this article, we would like to discuss top front-end frameworks in 2020.

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Top IT Outsourcing Countries in 2020 | Existek Blog


Сarring on a tradition, we release a list of top IT outsourcing countries in 2020. Fortunately for those who considering programming outsourcing, the list is constantly growing and full of worthy contenders. All you have to do is to check this blog post and make the best choice out of your particular requirements and business goals.

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Healthcare App Development: Requirements and Trends | Existek Blog


The healthcare industry focuses on consistent development and follows the most market trends. Medical applications have presented a variety of solutions to deliver efficient health-related services. Both patients and medical personnel greatly benefit from them and acknowledge many positive changes in the industry. In this article, we'll discuss some important details on healthcare app development, including main advantages, current trends, and development requirements.

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Digital Transformation Framework: Benefits and Implementation | Existek Blog


Digital technologies have made a lot of positive changes. It covers the improvement of existing approaches along with new ideas for product and service delivery. Both businesses and customers greatly benefit from transformation processes. Most companies are in need of effective tools to complete smooth integration. In this article, we consider important details on the digital transformation framework, its advantages, and common implementation steps.

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Global Software Development Rates 2020. Download Free Report | Existek Blog


Looking for a comprehensive answer on how software development rates differ across the globe? We’ve prepared the free report of average software development rates in 2020. This report contains the data on 5 global software development destinations: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, America, and Latin America. Alongside hourly rates in different locations, you'll find a comparison for the most demanded specialists.

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ASP.NET vs PHP: Which is Better for Web Development? | Existek Blog


Any software development project requires a vise choice of the technology stack first. Web development is not an exception here. Today's market has offered a great variety of back-end technologies that would vary from project to project. In this article, we suggest checking some important details on ASP.NET vs PHP comparison, their pros and cons and why they would work better for particular cases.

ERP Modules: Main Features, Functionality, and Workflows | Existek Blog


Unless the company makes a decision on the process management tool, the modular system will be the best option so far. Nevertheless, every ERP module focuses on a certain business process, the main idea relies on the continual interaction and unified management of workflows. In other words, companies have obtained exceptional functionality to streamline all the organizational processes. In this article, we have defined the most common ERP components and how they integrate.

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How Much Does MVP App Development Cost? | Existek Blog


Delivering the user-attractive and market-competitive mobile application requires applying smart business strategies. The MVP app has become a reasonable solution for many successful companies due to its numerous benefits. Calculating the MVP app cost tightly depends on the stages of the overall development process. Therefore we advise checking our latest article that describes the MVP development process in details and provides the development cost estimation on the example of the mobile CRM application.

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Native VS Hybrid App Development: Which is Better? | Existek Blog


Hybrid or Native app? This article focuses on the difference between Hybrid and Native application development and technologies used for their implementation. We will also pick up the most vivid advantages and disadvantages of both Hybrid and Native apps so that you can make the decision on which one is better for your project or development process. So, enjoy it!

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How to Hire a Web Developer | Existek Blog


Every company that wants to create the user-attractive web application is in need of a skilled front-end developer. Their main duty relies upon providing excellent users’ experience and the general app performance. In particular, they ensure the feasibility of UI/UX design, maintain and optimize the application, design user-facing features, provide responsiveness on different devices as well as collaborate with the team. Take a moment to read this article and find various useful tips and tricks on how to hire a web developer, what average hourly rate is across different countries and where you can look for the best front-end developer for your successful project.

SaaS Development - Complete Guide | Existek Blog


The popularity of SaaS product development is growing extremely fast. It has become one of the frequently used and reasonable approaches to launch new software products. This business tactic is known for the number of distinctive advantages. Both businesses and customers have benefited from them. Take a moment to check out the complete guide on SaaS development in our article.

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How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Web Developer | Existek Blog


The answer to "how much does it cost to hire a web developer" will vary depending on several factors. In this article, we are going to explain how the chosen technology stack, developers' experience, and the location influence the web developer fees. Moreover, you will be able to estimate your monthly web development expenses using our sample project.

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eCommerce Mobile App Development Cost | Existek Blog


The digital market has destroyed the borders and provided the possibility to do business all around the world. You can attract more customers, collaborate with other companies, come up with new business approaches, learn from competitors. The eCommerce app is a reasonable solution to improve your business since the customers are looking for convenient and user-friendly approaches. In this article, we are going to discuss the market trends, main eCommerce app features, and design requirements. Considering all these factors, you can easily estimate the eCommerce mobile app development cost for your future project.

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How to Create a Dating App? | Existek Blog


Technology is growing extremely fast and changing our lifestyles. It is no surprise that people have found a reasonable and time-saving solution to meet people while dating online. Many companies are offering their services through mobile dating applications that have become the best option so far. This article will discover the most important details on the development process and give advice on how to implement your ideas in life.

How to Make a Food Delivery App? | Existek Blog


Every business needs to keep pace with current trends. Digital services have successfully entered the market and continue gaining strong positions. Therefore both clients and restaurants are interested in new solutions to carry out the food deliveries. The food ordering application is the perfect option to meet the needs of all the users. In this article, we are going to bring up the following question "how to make a food delivery app" and find a comprehensive answer for it.

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How Long Does It Take to Make an App? | Existek Blog


When the company has decided on making the mobile application, they want to estimate the average app development timeline and when they will be ready to launch it on the market. In this article, we have considered the main cornerstones of the overall process and how it is possible to implement it within a fairly short timeframe. Realizing the app development process, careful planning and step-by-step development will enable making the successful mobile app for your business.